Who We Are

Davler Media Group (DMG) is New York’s trusted integrated marketing group, who inspires metro area residents and visitors to experience the activities, products, and services that will best enrich their lives. For over 10 years, we have been creating and delivering targeted, award-winning content in four distinct markets: tourism/entertainment, parenting, interior design, and party planning. We’re New York’s local go-to guide for all Broadway shows, food, events, attractions, art, culture, design, event planning, shopping, and nightlife.

DMG connects consumers to brands and local businesses with top-quality, curated content delivered through traditional, digital, and experimental mediums. As an established leader in the New York market, we provide businesses with multiple cross-functional platforms to reach visitors and locals throughout their buying cycles.

Our integrated marketing approach provides small businesses affordable pricing on creative services, editorial, networking events, education programs, marketing, consulting, digital coaching, and event management. As a result, Davler Media Group has gained thousands of loyal, long-term clients who make up the foundation of our company.



Our employees’ values are at the foundation of how we operate as an organization. We take your ideas and goals and create both a sustainable and purposeful day-to-day work experience.

We strive to develop the best work environment because we value the importance of family and our employees’ personal lives. A job to us isn’t solely about the pay and benefits; it’s a form of self-expression that continually evolves with mentorships, creativity, entrepreneurship, and drive. As a result, DMG has a stable and tenured staff with over forty-three of our current employees averaging seven years with us.

To foster a company culture of growth and entrepreneurship, we encourage our employees to focus on professional aspects and projects that are of interest to them and beneficial to the organization, our clients, and our end consumers. Given how many hours are spent at work, we want our employees to be happy - not miserable! That’s why we offer our staff the best activities New York has to offer from theater tickets and restaurant tastings to family events and city attractions. That employee experience translates into the rich, experiential media seen across our five integrated marketing brands.

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